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About Us


We are NYCDOE stand alone Pre-K Centers that specialize in providing free full-day, high quality Pre-K and 3-K for all residents residing in NYC, but more specifically the South Bronx. We operate out of three locations, Union Avenue, Willis Avenue and Brook Avenue. 

School Vision 

We believe in creating a community of learners where our children will grow as well as, our teachers and families. Educating children, and working in partnership with families, combined with high quality teachers, will provide our children with experiences that will help them grow as individuals and prepare them for the future. 

School Mission ​

The mission of our Pre-Kindergarten school is to provide planned, purposeful, engaging, experiences that provide the foundation for positive social-emotional development and academic learning for every student.  

Our Values

Learning Through Inquiry: Professional learning/Teacher support/Family Empowerment/ Disruptive leadership & Professional Learning Communities.


Relationships: Warm, responsive interactions among families, staff and children that provides unconditional support for all.


The Learner: High and consistent levels of student participation and engagement through play, culturally and social emotional responsive practices.


Quality: Developmentally appropriate curricula and engaging materials in a safe physical setting/language rich environment.

A place to learn, play and grow, the foundation for the future


Program Details 

School Hours: 8:10 am - 2:30 pm 

On Site Staff:  

  • Each Pre-K Center site has a Site Coordinator who communicates with families. The Site Coordinator also manages daily operations at the site.

  • Each general education pre-K classroom of 18 students or 3-K classroom of 15 students has one certified teacher and one certified paraprofessional.

  • Each site is also supported by a school nurse, custodian, and school safety agent.

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